Topic: Boost up deliverability with combine Sending Servers/Domains rotation

Do you know that you can boost up deliverability by using multiple sending domains and sending servers in rotation?

Sending Server is responsible to carry your email content from MailCarry to the recipient’s mailbox. To avoid spam behavior, it’s never suggested to relay bulk emails using single sending domain or single sending server. MailCarry entertains you with this massive facility where you can add multiple sending domains and sending servers, and multi-select them while scheduling a broadcast to be used in rotation.

MailCarry authenticates your Sending Domain(s) by generating DKIM, SPF and a CNAME record for tracking purpose. A Sending Domain is assigned to a Sending Server along with a bounce handler for POP/IMAP bounce processing. MailCarry has available integrations with Major Email Service Providers (ESP) as well like Amazon SES, Mailgun, Sendgrid, Sparkpost etc.

Team MailCarry