Topic: Per Campaing Suppression/MD5 Suppression

This is pretty important:

often time when sending marketing emails, there's suppression lists that are required to be run before sending. I don't want to have these suppressions loaded globally, I want to only run them when I send THAT campaign.

It is good to also have a global blacklist option (Which I see is built in) but it looks like you started to build campaign specific suppression but I don't see it as an option. This should be selected when you create a campaign GROUP, that way you can create multiple templates under it.

Suppression lists must legally be updated every 10 days at maximum. As such you should probably optimize for lists to be uploaded that WILL have a ton of duplicates. (If I upload a suppression lost today with 2,000,000 in a week I may upload a list with 2,500,000 but that first 2,000,000 will be duplicates).

Secondly, but also VERY important:

Often these lists are md5 encrypted. That means, I will get a list of 2,000,000 email addresses in only md5 (one per line). Again this is an INDUSTRY STANDARD. When I upload a list, I should be able to select either plaintext or MD5.

Whenever a campaign is sent (both as a full drop AND a drip), it will then need to check if the email is on the matching suppression-list (by converting the email address in the list to md5 and comparing that to the md5 list), and if there's a match DON'T send.

Please get this done ASAP, and reach out to me if you have any questions. As mentioned, this is an industry standard, and is something I've designed and built into multiple platforms as well.



Re: Per Campaing Suppression/MD5 Suppression

Currently we have added the option to create a suppression according to list or globally, so now you can create a segment on list base and can use that list for you campaign. The rest of the features will be available soon.

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