Topic: CNAME records are not verifying

If you have added a domain in MailCarry and pressed Verify then the result has been added to your server cache. If the record wasn't verified and you see correct DNS when checked on third-party websites, then give it some time and it should be resolved once it's out of the server's cache.

This issue normally happens when you press the "Verify" button before adding the records. So always give it a few minutes after adding the records before you press the Verify button.

Using the control panel
Create an addon domain i.e track.youdomain.com and pointing it to the installed MailCarryroot folder. Now when you will open the  track.youdomain.com, it shows you the content of your installed MailCarry.

Not using control panel
If you are not using any control panel, you can add the tracking domain as a new virtual host into your webserver config or add it as a ServerAlias in MailCarry virtualhost directive (e.g httpd.conf in apache)

Team MailCarry