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I have issues running the PMTA setup process.

After enter all info and moving on to finish the -

"Configuring PowerMTA process is running now, and this may take few minutes. Please do not leave this page until finished!"

Just keep running.

Looking on the PMTA server's pmta log I see 2 quick logins and and logouts.

Lokks like Mailcarry is diconnecting :

PMTA logentry
Received disconnect from MAILCARRY_IP: 11:

If you have a qucik answer to this please paste before I go log digging.


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Normally errors are populated if application found any error while configuring PMTA. Please check if PMTA config file successfully created then it may be application facing the issue to restart PMTA etc.

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To check up on what you wrote -
I see on the PMTA that the config is being written and the fallback dkim+domainkey is uploaded - from there the Mailcarry session stalls or idles.
No signal for pmta reload is in the pmta logs.
If the rest of the domains DKIM's are not uploaded PMTA wont reload

What is see is not happening -
1. nothing is written internaly within the application mysql (yet it keeps the pmta input I gave - can I flush the current cache?)
2. the group PMTA is in the DB

Is there a log output from the application or more precise the pmta mailcarry application script?


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Normally MailCarry PMTA setup throws the error in the browser if anyone occurs. But in your case, it may be a timeout issue, you should check your apache error/access logs, and laravel logs (storage/logs/laravel.log) as well.

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I seem to have found the issue. If I enter bounce mailboxs login details in the pmta settings the pmta setup process stalls.
Furthermore if I try to insert(edit what the pmta setup) them (in bounce setup) after running the pmta process (without bounce login details) the application will not save them.


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Thank you for the findings, we will check it on priority and fix it.

Team MailCarry

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Moving on - I made a complete re-install due to the fact i could not enter bounce details.

Fresh Ubuntu 18.04 with all the bells (PHP7.3)

Circumventing the pmta setup script since this has some issues on the last install - so I'll go manually.

Sending domains - ok
Bounce boxes - Can't save my entered info in the form - I can validate but no save - no php error's - I press save -> top processing bar runs and the form just stays - if I press save and next - same thing happens - I see POST in the log - but that's it..

As in your reply you are looking into this I gather. 

The function that seems to not run -
function onclick(event) {
  submitData(this, this.form, 'POST', '[url]https://[mydomain.com]/bounce[/url]');

Can I inject the bounce setting direct to the database (thinking the password is hashed)?

Debug from Chrome browser -

POST https://[mydomain.com]/bounce 500 (Internal Server Error)
send    @    jquery.min.js:2
ajax    @    jquery.min.js:2
submitData    @    custom.js:34
onclick    @    bounces:1

Debug from FF browser -

Source map error: Error: request failed with status 404
Resource URL: https://[mydomain.com]/public/components/jquery/dist/jquery.min.js
Source Map URL: bootstrap-toggle.min.js.map


Re: PMTA setup

Bounce Password is hashed, and for short or empty password it may have issue, can you please try to save bounce with different passwords. We are going to release a quick update about this issue and a feature.

Team MailCarry


Re: PMTA setup

You are on to something.
So if I don't input password i can save the config - but useless though. Is there a limit to the password? letters, number and special characters - plus length?

Sounds good you are on it (thumbs UP)


Re: PMTA setup

We have checked that, and it looks the default length 191 for the password was created the issue to hash some passwords.

We released the quick update, please update your MailCarry version, and we are hopeful it will be fixed the bounce issue.

Team MailCarry


Re: PMTA setup

Hi again - not sure if this thread is the place for it -but her goes.

If I want to process a list for sending - with let's say 200k subscribers it takes days to process which make Mailcarry useless when working with big lists.

Let me say that the blacklist/suppresion consists of 2mil entries.


Re: PMTA setup

The suppression is impacting on campaign processing, and we are in process to make suppression check on background, it will make preparation campaign fast. This update will be available in this week.

Team MailCarry


Re: PMTA setup

We have launched a new update, and now the campaign will start while scheduling a big campaign.

ibb wrote:

Hi again - not sure if this thread is the place for it -but her goes.

If I want to process a list for sending - with let's say 200k subscribers it takes days to process which makes Mailcarry useless when working with big lists.

Let me say that the blacklist/suppression consists of 2mil entries.

Team MailCarry