Topic: Shortcode Not Inserting Correct URL: [$unsub-link$]

We are having an issue with the shortcode that inserts an unsubscribe link. When we do a test mailing, the link is broken. It inserts a link to the mail host domain, not the sending domain.

http://mail-carry.???????.com/[$unsub-link$] - email shows our admin URL, not the sending URL

In a test email sent from a sending account, the link does not include the sending domain, just: [$unsub-link$]

This is true for both the unsubscribe and change preferences links.

Is there a place to ensure that the shortcode/system variable inserts the correct URL?


Re: Shortcode Not Inserting Correct URL: [$unsub-link$]

Hello David,

For test email no shortcode will work, you can send a test campaign to see the shortcode is working.

Team MailCarry