Topic: What is Email Marketing

Email marketing is an inexpensive way of promoting products through email. It is a top digital media channel and important for customers acquisition and retention.

Why email marketing is important

  • High ROI (Return of Investment).

  • Effective channel to acquire / engage customers

How to do a good email marketing

  1. Set a goal

  2. Build a mailing list

  3. Create an email campaign with catchy subject line

  4. Send at right time

1: Goal
The goal should be clear and identify the targeted audience, how you can benefit after campaign send.

2: Build a mailing list
Never every buy an email list from the third unreliable party. Create it own via subscription form on high traffic sites.

3: Create an email campaign with catchy subject line
Subject line should be catchy and short(20-25 characters), and the content of your campaign must be relevant to the subject and precise. An average it should take 15-20 seconds to read, otherwise it will become boring.

4: Send at right time
Keep an eye on the the numbers of open rates. Change the frequency of your emails according to these figures.

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