Topic: Not sure how to set cron in artisan !


Machine : Remote VPS SSD 2
System : Ubuntu 18.04
Webserver : Apache
Db server : Mysql

With ISPConfig panel : var/www/clients/client1/web2/web

I could find the file “artisan“ within the root directory, but I do not understand the tutorial direction about setting cron !
I opened this file in a text editor, but I don’t know what to do next !
Attached image is a screen capture of tutorial to install MailCarry on Ubuntu

Should cron be set in one of presented section, or on top or in bottom of this file ?
Should I create/add a setting option, set it with provided string “>/dev/null 2>&1“, and then save the file ?

Please guide me through to achieve this task properly.



Re: Not sure how to set cron in artisan !

Please make sure you have cron utility installed on your ubuntu. You can even google about this.

Once you sure about the cron successfully working on your ubuntu then you will just need to setup the command for your cron.

JFYI, while installation the cron will not required but after install  you will need to setup the cron.

MailCarry will also help you to find the command for you cron on dashboard and on Settings page after successful install.

For further help you can add us on skype: contact@premiersol.com

Team MailCarry